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 Sentimental Journey Jewelry
About the Artist

I'm Linda S. Welch, the designer and creator of the Sentimental Journey Jewelry line.

After graduating from Massachusetts College of Art, I taught for a few years, co-owned a stained glass business, photographed and worked in media sales and management.

No matter where my eclectic life took me, I have, for more than 45 years, participated in the retail crafts business.

Twenty-four years ago, after purchasing some wonderful antique buttons at a yard sale, I created, along with my best friend, some unusual pieces.  Twenty years ago I took over as sole proprietor and now sell only antique button jewelry, which I design and create. My creative husband, Wendell, has retired from his wildlife and scenic photography business and lends his help to Sentimental Journey Jewelry. He is  using his silversmithing talents to set many special buttons in sterling.

The Sentimental Journey Jewelry name was born as I heard so many loving stories of family buttons, evoking emotion for the customers AND me!

We spend a great deal of time and travel searching the country for wonderful antique and vintage button treasures for such special pieces of jewelry. All antique and vintage buttons are original -- no reproductions are used, in fact many buttons are from the latter 1800's ! When you order you will receive the exact piece of jewelry that you are looking at online. There is no time limit on our guarantee.

Custom orders delight me and you will find that it is wonderful to have items created from family buttons and other treasures. Items for boys and men can be created as well as those for girls and women of all ages!


We have partnered with Amazon to get our work out to customers that would not normally see us.   Please visit   www.amazon.com/handmade/antique-button-jewelry

We do participate in some art shows. Please stop at the booth and say hello! . The show listing is always updated so that you will know where to find the entire Sentimental Journey Jewelry line -- and its creator!


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